An aura that adds 50% Fire Damage for weapon skills and attacks for all allies near you.

 Set Firebrand for 2 turn(s).

Requires Pyrokinetic 3cldwn3
Costs 1 Memory
8m Radius

pyrokinetic-skill Pyrokinetic

Firebrand is a Pyrokinetic Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Firebrand Spell Book Location

  • Appears in stores after reaching level 16



Firebrand Requirements



Notes and Tips


  • Acquired in Act 2
  • The damage added by this skill is not dependent on weapon damage. At level 16 it adds 50% of the base damage of  Fireball.
  • Scroll can be crafted by combining a Sheet of Paper, Alien Fire Essence, and Fang
  • Does not scale with Intelligence, only Pyrokinetic.
  • The Pyrokenetic scaling is applied individually. The Pyrokenetic level of the caster only affects the strength of the buff for him/her.




Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Blazing Deepstalker


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Summoner of Sparks




Pyrokinectic Skills
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    • Anonymous

      It scales with pyro. 21 FEB comment is missing the point. That damage is based on 60% of your weapon damage. After that, final blow will also scale with pyro skill. So, weapon deals 100 damage. Firebrand will deal 60+20% (with pyro at 4). Final damage=== 100 phys (or your type of damage)+72 fire damage.

      • Anonymous

        Why comments and notes say that this scale with Pyro? It shouldn't scale, as percentage does not scale, it is literally said "An aura that adds 60% Fire Damage for weapon skills and attacks for all allies near you." - 60% of weapon skills and attacks to your weapon skills and attacks. It is percentage of a damage. It should be as when your damage is 100, this skill simply will add 60 as a fire damage, if it would scale with anything it would counter the description about the percentage.

        • Anonymous

          For anyone else who couldn't figure out how to get this item: It shows up in vendors once you hit level 16.

          • Anonymous

            Stacks with venom coating.
            Only works on the first weapon when dual-wielding.
            Only skills with Pyro-Skill and char-level. No changes with either int or different weapons.

            • Anonymous

              Does this stack with Venom Coating? Could be some awesome damage potential there for a Lone Wolf Ranger build, Something like 10 Ranged / 10 Warfare / 10 Scoundrel / 2 Huntsman /10 Geo and 10 Pyro. Should be able to reach this at level 20.

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