The Pawn

Permits your character 1 AP worth of free movement per turn. Does not work with Executioner.

Requirement:Scoundrel 1

The Pawn is a talent in Divinity Original Sin 2.



  • The free movement AP is NOT lost if you do any other action before moving. You can use it any point of your turn (as long as you have AP remaining so your turn does not auto-end).
  • Can be used to move out of cover, shoot/cast and return back to safe spot.
  • Very useful if your character prefers backstab.

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    • Anonymous

      Базовое расстояние, которое можно пройти за 1 очко действия, равно 5 м. Это расстояние можно увеличить, если прокачать негодяя и скрытность. Эффект ускорения увеличивает на 2 м.
      Расстояние, проходимое за 1 ОД, можно разделить на несколько частей. Не обязательно проходить всё расстояние сразу.

      The base distance that can be traveled for 1 action point is 5 m. This distance can be increased by pumping a scoundrel and stealth. Haste effect increases by 2m.
      The distance traveled in 1 AP can be divided into several parts. You don't have to go all the way at once.

      • Anonymous

        upon further testing it works with every talent with a pre-req, I was able to start a character with picture of health elemental ranger and the pawn and no it doesn't matter the preset just removing the skill point after the talent is chosen is all it took.

        • Anonymous

          in response to anonymous comment on how he got the skill twice:

          to get this skill or executioner for free(they remain mutually exclusive still, can't have both), start with inquisitor or rogue preset on any character/race next remove the pre-req skill warfare for executioner and scoundrel for the pawn. Next, select a talent start game and boom done easy peasy.

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