Ifan ben-Mezd

Ifan ben-Mezd
Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 1
Next Quest --
Previous Quest None

Ifan ben-Mezd is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. This is a personal quest of Ifan ben-Mezd, and is acquired automatically by recruiting him in Fort Joy.


Important NPCs



Ifan ben-Mezd Objectives

  1. Read the Mysterious Letter in Ifan's inventory after recruiting him
  2. Speak with Magister Borris
  3. Find Zaleskar
  4. Kill bishop Alexander and report to Zaleskar



Ifan ben-Mezd Walkthrough

Read the Mysterious Note in Ifan's inventory after your recruit him and then speaking with him. Speak with Magister Borris in front of the gate to Fort Joy or go directly to Zaleskar, he is at the broken bridge between Fort Joy and Hollow Marshes. If you go see Magister Borris or have killed him, you can find a note on his body which directs you to a hidden buried stash with more instructions on the person they want you to kill. That person is a seer named Saheila which you can choose to kill or not, and she is located in the Caverns directly south of Fort Joy.

Report to Magister Borris, or if he is dead, go see Zaleskar. Zaleskar wont speak with you unless you are alone, you can let your party members wait outside his sight. Zaleskar will ask you to kill Bishop Alexander. After that you can report to him using the mirror he gave you, alone.

After you reached Reaper's Coast and defeat the Alexandar in the main quest, a boy approached you, said a Lone Wolf contact named Baran is waiting in Driftwood Tavern.

Travel to the second floor of Driftwood Tavern, Barren will tell you Roost is expecting you in a nearby sawmill.

Interogate Zanisima in the Wreckers Cave. Then talk to Hannag at Cloister Wood and chose if you will kill her or spare her for her sins.

When you find Roost, he will tell you that Alexandar is still alive and hiding on an island. Then he will ask you to turn over your fellow godwokens, whatever you say, a fight is inevitable.

From Roost's body, you will find a contract, given by divine order.



Tips & Tricks

  • Zaleskar has many good stuff to sell, after you speak with him he dissapears, but you can call him back and buy from him again then say you haven't killed Alexander yet, and he will dissapear again, repeat if needed.
  • ???

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    • Anonymous

      I just started playing this game and my main character is Sebille. I talked to him as her and my group ended up killing him. will this effect Ifan's quest?

      • Anonymous

        I'm having a party with Ifan and Sebille, considering what I've read from other's comments/inputs; I teleported Sebille at the Driftwood-Square so that Ifan can talk to Roost without Sebille intefering. Interestingly, it doesn't matter whether if Sebille will confront with Roost or not because after killing Roost, Sebille's personal quest stated: Roost Alon, who delivered Sebille to the Master, is dead. The Master is next and her log doesn't closes and as for Ifan: You just know that Alexander is still alive and Roost didn't reveal the identify of the one who issued the Godwoken contract In short you can proceed with the story even if Sebille is the one who confronts with Roost. Cheers

        • Anonymous

          zaleskar doesn't make sense...he says something to the effect of "if you find a boat off the island, don't be surprised if I find my way aboard", but then he never reappears after act 1. . .

          • Anonymous

            We killed Haanag before we knew she was involved in Ifans quest line. We are now way higher leveled and don't want to go back, is it possible to continue the story with her dead?

            • Anonymous

              Be sure to check out the black mirror and cast spirit vision in Roost's room upstairs and all around the sawmill

              • Anonymous

                So... I had Sebille along with Ifan with me when I confronted Roost for the first time.

                Sebille being the person out for revenge took the initiative over Ifan in this dialogue and started the fight.

                Does anyone know if any companion progression quests are stopped because either Ifan or Sebille take point in takling to Roost?

                • Anonymous

                  In my journal, it says the quest is closed because Ifan is dead... But I just reqruited him... He's in my party, talking, and pretty much alive... My quest is bugged, isn't it?

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