Walkthrough for Divinity: Original Sin II is provided below for your reference. 


Fort Joy (Early Access)

Before you start, you need to create your own main character. Divinity Original Sin 2 Early Access currently has 4 origins, 12 classes and 4 races. You can also chose custom character if you dont like the default origins, but keep in mind to chose Tags for your customized character, Tags unlocks special dialogues in game. For more information, read our Character Creation page.

The epic journey of DoS II starts at the beach of Fort Joy, an Island ruled by magisters to hold sourcerers. Your character is one of the sourcerers taken here by force, and you are collared so no source skills can be cast at the start of the game.

Go search the beach, and collect useful items such as golds and consumables, some treasure are buried so you need a shovel or a Lizard to dig them up. If your character is not a lizard, you can find a potential party member The Red Prince on south, not far from your starting area. To the east of your starting area there is a shrine, in DoS2 this type of shrine serve as waypoints and can teleport your party to another. The bridge to fort is damaged, you can come back here once you acquired the teleportation glove (or learnt Teleportation skill), teleport one of your party member to other side of the bridge. Near the damaged watch tower there is a small way leads you to the mountain top, you can find plenty of useful items here.

Keep going south, the game will autosave before you run into some voidwokens. They are one of the main enemy types in this game. The voidwokens are not hard to kill, but becareful, their body may explode when killed. A good strategy is use ranged attack as final blow. 

Also, keep in mind that directly attack your opponents is not always the best strategy in this game, using environmental effects can make an impossible battle much easier. For example, your character can carry one oil barrel and put it (or teleport it) on the battlefield, then you can use set it on fire and burn your enemines. Also, water surface can conduct electricity, or be frozen so enemines will be easier to knock down.

After your first battle in DoS2, keep going south until you reach Fort Joy Camp. Many other sourcers live here and there is plenty of quest you can get. Your primary goal is to escape this fort and move to eastside of the island. 

Quests you may find in this area are:

Most of these quests rewards you EXP and items, but none of them are necessary. You can also remove your main character's collar in this camp, simply become the champion of underground arena (the entrance to this arena, is a hatch near kitchen) and then talk to Nebora (one merchant woman at lefthand side of main entrance), see The Collar for more details. 

  • Tip: Heart of waterfall
    If your character has Jester tag, he or she can make laugh of the little kid near waterfall. In return, she tells you that there is a valuable treasure box hidden inside the waterfall.(you can teleport to there)

There are multiple ways to escape this part of the fort, the simplest one (but definitely not the easiest one) is to force your way out. There are four magisters guard the entrance to main building and more in the second stair of the building and courtyard, your characters need to be level 5 to stand a chance, otherwise it is very diffcult.

However, if you chose to force your way out, you can save a paladin in courtyard, who is sent here by Divine Order to investigate what actually happened on this island. The fort also have huge amount of loots (especially those paintings, they value a lot), even if you chose other means to escape, you may want to comeback later.

Another way is use Teleportation Glove, which is acquired in quest The Teleporter. Teleportation is a extramely usefull skill, not just for exploration, but in combat as well.You can teleport your enemy archer into your trap (like some burning ground, forzen blood, etc.) or send melee enemies far far away so they have no chance land strike on you, just runing back and forth. Even if you use other means to escape, this quest is highly suggested.

If you chose to escape using Teleportation Glove, your characters will be in the dungeons of the fort(not locked up). You can escape from there. Howerver if your Thievery is not high enough to open those doors, you can leave the dungeon using its south exit. Then go back to Fort Joy camp, teleport one of your party member to the second level of fort (near the gate guarded by four magisters),put the ladder down and sneak into the Fort Joy prison. The prison is filled with silent monks but they dont do anything so its ok. There you can find the prison ward, defeat him and you can use the sewer of prison to escape.

Similar to above method, if you finished quest Withermoore's Soul Jar, Lord Withermore tells you that there is a secret lever hidden in the shrine of seven at camp. Use that lever a hatch is revealed, it leads you to the dungeon.

You can also sneak your way out, let one of your party member Sneak through magisters (Via the ladder to second level of fort or fort harbour), reach the east side of fort and lower the bridge to another part of the island. You dont need your whole team to sneak through, just one will do. Then he or she can reach another shrine not far from the fort bridge and transport your entire team there.

If your character is Ifan Ben-Mezd, he will recieve a mysterious note telling him to find a magister named Borris. Magister Borris works for a assassin organization and they want Ifan to kill someone the island, he will give you some clues about escaping the fort. See Ulterior Motive for details.

Once you escaped this part of the fort, magisters will turn hostile, so be careful.

After you reaching the east part of the island, your primary goal is to find Sanctuary of Amadia, where others sourcers hide.

There are many voidwokens and undead creatures wandering this part of island, along with some magisters. Save your games frequently is a good habbit here. When you face voidwokens, remember that they may not be as few as you first thought, more voidwokens may join the battle later, so dont use all your consumables at the the start, save some for any unwelcoming surprises. Also, if you find a battle is too hard, try to use environment against your enemies.

You can start exploring this part of island by moving east. On your way there you may find some place is on fire or has poisonous gas, you can put out fire by using Hydrosophist skills (like Rain or Hail Strike), or remove poisonous gas with fire on most occasions. The flaming pigs you meet can be cured with Bless + Rain of Blood combo, but they wont reward you anything.

After you killed some voidwoken salamanders, keep going south along the beach. At the end of the road you will find Sancturay of Amadia, speak to the guard standing on highground and she will let you in.

Sourcerers in this sanctuary tell you that they are planing escape this island by taking magister's ship. To do so, you need to save their leader Gareth and find a source weapon.

Gareth can be found in the ruins on north, he is being attacked by several magisters, see Most Dangerous When Cornered for more infomation.

There are two source weapon you can find on this island, first is inside a illusionist's cave (The pristess in Sanctuary of Amadia will mark it on your map, the entrance is on the beach of southeast island, not far from three salamanders), see The Cursed Ring for more information.

  • Tip: Dark Cavern
    Dont try to open that blocking field at first, look at your mini-map you will realise that there is another way to bypass it. There is a statue inside this ruin will give you some puzzles, the key is every capital letter in his puzzle stands for one words. (You can learn that by talking to rats, provide you have Pet Pal talent.)

The second source weapon you can find is poessed by a Radeka the Witch, she is hiding in a cave near Gargoyle's Maze, using her wand to control Slane the Winter Dragon. You can break Dragon's chains and promised him you will kill the witch and return the wand to him. He will help you to break in magisters' last bastion, you can also keep the wand for your own. See The Purged Dragon for more information.

Their is also a place you may want to explore in this part of the island, though not necessary, see The Gargoyle's Maze and A Fate Worse Than Death for more information.

After you save Gareth, and the source weapon acquired. It is time to storm the magisters' bastion on northeast of the island. Gareth and his man will stole the boats, you and your team confront magisters and draw their attention. This is a diffcult task, so you can ask Gareth to send two people to assist you, you can chose whether from archer, elemental spellcaster or melee warrior. But it is better to fight magisters on your own, cuz Gareth's people have very low vitality and are useless most of the time (you can not directly control them).

To confront magisters, you must pass the Shriekers magisters created first, use Source Vampirism will kill them instantly. Then, dont just go inside the bastion through front gate, it will put you and your entire team in magisters' crossfire. You can take the door on your right and flank these magisters. Or use the corridor to lure enemies out one by one. The magister knight can use Phoneix Dive skill to ambush you and ignite the oil barrel nearby, so it is better to teleport the oil barrel to some other place.

Bishop Alexander is a very tough enemy and his melee attack can strike down one of your party member in one turn, the best way to defeat him is to keep distance and attack him from a distance. You can use Teleportation to keep him in distance or Hail Strike to freeze him. Once he is down, it's easy to finish the rest of the magisters.

But be careful, Bishop Alexander is not the final boss you need to face. In order to escape this island, you need to defeat Voidwoken Drill Worm, it appears after you killed Bishop Alexander and his magisters. (Sometimes Voidwoken Drill Worm appears early and engage with rest of magisters) So dont use all your consumables when battling Alexander.

If you feel your team need some rest before challenging Voidwoken Drill Worm, you can use flee ability to leave battlefield and come back later.

Voidwoken Drill Worm had more vitality and armour than any other enemies you have encountered. But it is weak against Hydrosophist, using Hail Strike to attack it is a good idea. Also, dont let your party member stay too close to another, Voidwoken Drill Worm has many AOE skills.

After you defeated the Void Drill Worm, you can talk to Gareth and he will thank you. Take the boat and the DoS2 Early Access is completed.

More walkthrough will be added after the game officially released.



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