Attributes are the base stats of your characters in Divinity Original Sin 2. In that version, when you create a new character, you will start with 10 points into each attribute, and you will have 3 attribute points to allocate yourself, and then gain another attribute point whenever you level up.


Your Skills are affected by the Attributes. You need a minimum of ? points into the target skill's main attribute for it to be effective. Each point below this number makes the skill 10% less effective, and each point above it makes it 5% more powerful.
Each attribute will cap at 15 points - but you can surpass this by equipping gear with + Points.


Divinity Original Sin 2 Attributes



Strength increases damage dealt with strength-based weapons and skills, and also increases physical armor.

  • 1 point = +5% damage, +2% physical armor



Finesse increases damage dealt with finesse-based weapons and skills, and also increases dodge chance.

  • 1 point = +5% damage, +1% dodge chance



Intelligence increases damage dealt with intelligence-based weapons and skills, and also increases magic armor.

  • 1 point = +5% damage, +2% magic armor



Constitution determines how much Vitality you have.

  • 1 point = +7 Vitality



Wits affects your Critical ChanceInitiative, and ability to detect traps and find hidden treasures.



Memory is a new stat that determines how many Skills can be memorized at any one time.  Unlike in previous versions, there is no limit on how many skills can be learned, only how many will be available during combat.  Most skills only require a single memory slot but more powerful skills may require multiple.

  • 1 point = 1 Memory Slot


Extended statistics

These statistics are determined by your character’s base statistics. They can be affected by skills, stances, statuses, gear, abilities, and talents.

  • Damage:

    The damage you inflict when successfully hitting an enemy or an item.
  • Critical:

    How much chance you have to strike a critical attack when attacking with a weapon or when using a skill that is weapon-based.
  • Accuracy:

    Accuracy determines your chance to hit an enemy.
  • Dodging:

    Dodging determines your ability to evade attacks.
  • Physical Armour:

    How much physical damage your armour absords.
  • Magical Armour:

    The amount of elemental damage your Magic Armour can absorb.
  • Experience:

    Your experience tells you how much you've learned from your quest.
  • Movement:

    The distance your character can run with one action point
  • Initiative

    Initiative affects what spot you will be in when the turn order of combat is caculated.
  • Fire:

    Lowers the damage from fire based attacks.
  • Water

    Lowers the damage from water based attacks.
  • Earth:

    Lowers the damage from earth based attacks.
  • Air:

    Lowers the damage from air based attacks.
  • Poison:

    Lowers the damage from poison based attacks.
  • Vitality:

    Determines how much damage you can take before you die.
  • Action Points:

    How much you can do in one turn.
  • Source Points:

    Source Points are necessary for certain powerful skills.

    • Anonymous

      Attribute descriptions from the latest build01 Sep 2016 09:17  

      Strenght:<br/>|Strenght determines your Accuracy with strenght-based weapons, improves |Warfare| skills, decreases movement penalty from heavy equipment|<br/>|1 point = +12% damage bonus and 20% heavy armor movement penalty ignored|<br/><br/>Finesse:<br/>|Finesse determines your chance to hit with finesse-based weapons, improves |Hunting| and |Rogue| skills and increases your Dodge chance|<br/>|1 point = +12% damage bonus and 4% Dodge bonus|<br/><br/>Intelligence:<br/>|Intelligence determines your Accuracy with intelligence-based weapons, improves Elemental, Necromency and Summoning spells|<br/>|1 point = +12% damage bonus|<br/><br/>Constitution:<br/>|Constitution determines how much Vitality you have|<br/>|1 point = +5 Vitality|<br/><br/>Memory:<br/>|Memmory affects number of skills you can use at the same time|<br/>|3 points = 1 memory Slot|<br/><br/>Wits:<br/>|Wits affects your Critical chance, Initiative, Magic Armor, your ability to detect traps and find hidden treasures|<br/>|1 point = 3.0% Critical chance +2 initiative|

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