Scoundrel skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are very specialised in Status Effects and usually require a dagger to be equipped. All skills are Finesse-based - skills that require you to equip a dagger may show a different attribute, but will be affected by Finesse when you equip a dagger.


Scoundrel Skill Books


Divinity Original Sin 2 Scoundrel Skills


Name Req Mem AP SP CD Res Scale Description


Gain 2 Action Points immediately, but lose 2 Action Points next turn. Any Action Points over your maximum are lost.
 1 1 - - 4 n/a n/a

Gain 2 Action Points immediately, but lose 2 Action Points next turn.
Does not break Invisibility or Sneaking


Jump over the enemy, landing behind their back and backstabbing them for [X] physical damage.
 1 1 - 3 n/a Fin 100% chance to Backstab


Destroys [X] Magic Armour and then tries to set Sleeping.
 1 1 - 3 Fin Set Sleeping for 1 turn(s).
Does not break Invisibility or Sneaking.

Throwing Knife
Throwing Knife

Throw a knife at your opponent, dealing [X] physical damage. Can backstab!
 1 1 - 1 n/a Dynamic


Cloak and Dagger
Cloak and Dagger

Teleport without breaking sneaking.
 2 1 - 4 n/a n/a Does not break Invisibilty or Sneaking.

Corrupted Blade

Dagger attack that deals [X] physical damage and sets Decay and Diseased.
 2 1 - 4 Fin Set Decaying for 2 turn(s).
Set Diseased for 2 turn(s).

Gag Order

Destroy [X] Magic Armour on target character. Silence target.
 2 1 - 4 Fin

Set Silenced for 1 turn

Rupture Tendons

Deal [X] physical damage to target character. When they try to move, they will take piercing damage.
 2 1 - 5 n/a Fin Set Ruptured Tendons for 2 turn(s).

Sawtooth Knife
Sawtooth Knife

Pierce the enemy's Physical Armour and directly deals [X] piercing damage. Sets Bleeding if enemy has no Physical Armour.
 2 1 - 3 Fin Set Bleeding for 3 turn(s).

Sleeping Arms

Deal [X] physical damage and set Atrophy: your target can't use weapons or weapon skills anymore.
 2 1 - 3 Fin

Set Atrophy for 2 turn(s).

Terrifying Cruelty
Terrifying Cruelty

Dagger attack that deals [X] physical damage and sets Bleeding and Fear on target character.
 3 1 - 4
Fin Set Bleeding for 3 turn(s).
Set Terrified for 1 turn(s).

Wind-Up Toy

Summon a mechanical bomber at the target point. The bomber can explode, dealing fire damage and producing a fire surface.
 3 1 - 6 ? ? Does not break Invisibility or Sneaking.
The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability.

Daggers Drawn

Whirl into a barrage of 5 stabs, each dealing [X] physical damage.
 3 2 6 n/a Fin -

Fan of Knives
Fan of Knives

Fling a dagger at every enemy around you, dealing [X] physical damage. Can backstab!
 3 2 2 n/a Fin


Mortal Blow
Mortal Blow

Deal [X] physical damage. Damage is doubled if you are sneaking or invisible. Target is killed instantly if below 20% Viality.
 5 3 - n/a Fin Instantly kill target below 20% Vitality.


    • 17 Oct 2017 23:37  

      I would greatly appreciate it if instead of all the Deal [X] physical damage, we got 100% of 60% of 120% physical damage (Meaning what are the percentages) for the tooltips like the Huntsman skills in the wiki. Thanks.

      • Anonymous

        11 Oct 2017 09:19  

        It would be great if more skills didn't require daggers. Would allow more character types to use scoundrel for something more than Chloroform + Crit Multiplier

        • Anonymous

          28 Sep 2017 21:11  

          Anyone else confused about the fact that Scoundrels don't have the ability to gain action points on a successful kill. Should have a skill, if you kill a target behind, refresh half the AP you gain each turn. So you can dart around the battlefield after your magician put some wicked dope explosions down.

          • Anonymous

            26 Sep 2017 03:30  

            Why does Backlash and Throwing knife scale off of strength? At least, thats what the skill descriptions currently say. At least Chloroform scales off of Finesse.

            • Anonymous

              15 Sep 2017 21:45  

              Can the skills that require a dagger be used with a dagger in the off hand, but other weapon in the main hand?

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