Fane Undead Human
Male Mystic Scholar

Fane is a Companion or Origin in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Fane is an undead. Fane's default class is Wizard.





Fane Information

  • You woke up and your world was gone. The last of your kind, you hide behind a charmed mask, searching for the truth about a history that no one knew existed.









Special Skills




  1. As an undead, regular healing spells hurt Fane. Poison heals him.
  2. Fane's bony fingers can be used as an unbreakable lockpick. With level one thievery all chests and doors in Fort Joy should be accessable. 
  3. Shortly after escaping Fort Joy, Fane will recover his mask of the shapeshifter. This item allows Fane access to all racial passives, including the Elf ability to gain memories from consuming corpses which can yield free abilities. 



Fane Quest

Fane is located in the Hidden Alcove just north of Fort Joy. The path is hidden, so watch out for hanging plants. You can also be on the quest: The Teleporter and have told Gawin you have the Gloves of Teleportation. He will then show you the way.

Inside Fort Joy, kill Kniles the Flenser and loot Face Riper.

Windego, the sourcerer who created the chaos on the ship, can be found at the northern beach of the island. When you escaped Fort Joy, kill her and loot Fane's Mask of the Shapeshifter.

(If Fane is not on your team when fighting Dallis on Lady Vengeance, he will die and no longer be recruited)

When you reached Reaper's Coast, take Fane with you when you investigate Blackpits. (The Midnight Oil, A Generous Offer or Dark Dealings in the Blackpits)

At the Ancient Temple, Fane will learn from Eternal Aetera what really happened to their race.

On Nameless Isle, Fane will recognize the structures belongs to Eternals. Later, he must decide who whether to serve God King or not (if you sided with black rings, Thinning the Herd), and who will be the next divine. (when you reached the Academy)

At Arx, a former colleague of Fane's accosted him in hexapod Voidwoken form. She suggested he take the power of Divinity and use it to restore the Eternals. She said he could seal the God King on the other side of the Veil, saving the Eternals from the Void. 

In the Crypt of Lucian, persuade Fane to support your claim to divinity, or support him to be next divine. (or kill him if he refused to support you.)

    • Anonymous

      13 Nov 2017 22:32  

      for some reason, he won't join me again after fighting Alexander, i tried pretty much every option but when i ask him to join me he is like: lol nope. anyone any idea what that is about?

      • Anonymous

        20 Oct 2017 17:44  

        Anyone know where Fane goes if you take him out of your party? I needed to swap him for Red Prince for his quest, after removing Red Prince from party I went to where I found Fane but noone was there. Please help me find him.

        • Anonymous

          13 Oct 2017 17:24  

          Started with Inquisitor Fane and initially built up some Necro, added a splash a Hydro, and a spark of Aero. Turned out extremely powerful and was my main healer as well

          • Anonymous

            13 Oct 2017 05:18  

            I played Fane as one-handed tank with Ploymorph skills, with Flaming Skin he can benefits from both Geo & Pryo skills / corresponding summoning creatures, it works nicely in Tactical mode.

            • Anonymous

              07 Oct 2017 22:11  

              I am running a female undead elf summoner + Fane as necromancer knight. I discovered upon preparing to leave on lady vengeance that there is a romance opportunity with Fane. I spoke to him to confirm his re-addition to my party and at some point in the conversation I placed my hand on his shoulder. He paused and began flipping through his journal and asked if the physical contact was a mating ritual. Of course I said yes. How could I not. One thing led to another and you could say.. We "boned". Or whatever it is that undead skeletons do. Totally worth the large attitude gain with him and the slight awkwardness in his conversation right after.

              • Anonymous

                21 Sep 2017 17:02  

                Undead are seen with general disgust, and almost have a universal hatred by all races in Rivellon. Therefore need masks to conceal their true nature. Fane makes a great witch hybrid. I made him a solid witch my first play through. Now I decided to make him a ranger with necromancy for his lockpicking affinity as a skeleton, and his entropic/poison attacks. This gives him high damage DoT, and self heal. Inquisitor would be a strong choice aswell. Rogue hybrid would be an interesting turn, and so would Knight. The only problem being he needs to be healed with poison. So keeping him out of the way makes it easier to move around that issue.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Sep 2017 08:18  

                  Fane makes an excellent sumoner. also you should note that poison totems will nuke your undead if they are getting low on vitality. also in a pinch, your poison wands that create surfaces are useful for quick healup after fights. Oh and also, I know this sounds nuts, but i love taking thievery on him no matter what. not needing a lockpick is really cool, and also, thievery is really good combo if one of your allies has bartering.

                  • Anonymous

                    Fane [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]20 Sep 2017 09:12  

                    Keep doing the quest with the teleporter gloves. You meet him on the way to the rondevouz point after you obtain the gloves for that quest.

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Sep 2017 02:02  

                      where can you find Fane after you board the Lady Vegeance, it seems that I cannot fine him, and after I escape, he dies :(

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Sep 2017 00:30  

                        I started as Fane and had an item that let me switch between Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Lizard. I ended up losing that item early on. Was that supposed to happen?

                        • Anonymous

                          14 Sep 2017 00:58  

                          Read the wiki "The Undead are an abhorred race in Rivellon, considered abominations of the natural order. Those who wish to walk among the living must mask themselves or risk provoking violence."

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Sep 2017 00:56  

                            He collects masks from every being/race in D:OS2. Each mask gives him the properties of said race (Kinda like Link in Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask). The reason he wears it? Dunno. My guess is because his kind/race was exterminated for a reason and now he doesn't want to be seen. Even though he's a skeleton.

                            • Anonymous

                              11 Sep 2017 06:43  

                              The mask mostly likely works like an enchantment/veil to make him appear as a living being. So he can walk the realm of the living.

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