Elf is a Race in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Suggested Classes for this Race are Ranger or Rogue due to the bonus to Finesse.


Elf Description

  • Elegant, lithe, and nowhere near as naked as the picture on the right, elves are a key race within the Divinity Original Sin 2 world. They are skilled sourcerers, and are able to consume the flesh of other races in order to gain their memories. They are easily idenfified by their sharp ears, broken English, and long limbs. As a result of their lean builds and swift movement, elves generally benefit from classes that focus on finesse.



  • Elegant: Elegant gifts you a +2 bonus on Finesse.
  • Corpse Eater: Corpse Eater let you eat body parts to access the memory of the dead.



Special Ability




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