Talents in Divinity Original Sin 2 are valuable skills that become passive abilities that change player Characters permanently. Talents have requirements in order to be unlocked, often tied to leveling or investment in specific Skills. Some talents are incompatible with others, so plan accordingly.

You gain a talent at level 1, 3, 8, 13, 18, 23, 28, 33.


Divinity Original Sin 2 Talents




All Skilled Up

Grants 1 additional Combat Ability Point and 1 extra Civil Ability Point.

Requirement: Level 2




Reduces the cost of using grenades and scrolls by 1AP if your offhand is free.

Requirement: None



Arrow Recovery

Grants a 33% chance to recover a special arrow after firing it.

Requirement: None





Bigger And Better

Immediately grants 2 extra attribute points.

Requirement: Level 2




Comeback Kid

Once per combat, if an enemy lands a fatal blow, Comeback Kid will help you bounce back to life with 20% health. If you die and are resurrected in combat, Comeback Kid will be available again.

Requirement: None





Gain 15% fire resistance and 15% water weakness. Max fire resistance also increases by 10. Cannot be used with Ice King.

Requirement: Pyrokinetic 1





Duck Duck Goose

Lets you evade attacks of opportunity.

Requirement: Huntsman 1




Elemental Affinity

Lowers the Action Point cost of spells by 1 when standing in a surface of the same element.

Requirement: None




Elemental Ranger

Arrows will deal bonus elemental damage depending on the surface the target is standing in.

Requirement: Huntsman 1





Allows you to flee combat even when enemies are right next to you.

Requirement: None


Gain 2 AP after dealing a killing blow. Does not work with The Pawn.

Requirement: Warfare 1



Far Out Man

Increase the range of spells and scrolls by 2m.

Requirement: None




Five-Star Diner

Doubles the effects of foods.

Requirement: None



Glass Cannon

You start every combat round with Maximum AP, but Magic and Physical Armour do not protect you from statuses.

Requirement: Incompatible with Lone Wolf.




While sneaking, your attack damage is increased by 40%.

Requirement: Sneaking 1




While you are at maximum Vitality, Hothead grants you an extra 10% critical chance and 10% more accuracy.

Requirement: None





Ice King

Grants +15% Water resistance and +15% fire weakness. Max water resistance is raised by 10. Cannot work with Demon.

Requirement: Hydrosophist


Heals you when standing in blood.

Requirement: None


Living armor

35% of all healing you receive is added to your Magic Armour.

Requirement: None

Lone Wolf

Grants +2AP, +2AP Recovery, +30% Vitality, +30% Physical Armour, +30%Magical Armour and doubles all invested points into attributes and combat abilities (except Polymorph). These effects are only active if you are alone, or in a party of 2. While travelling with 3 or more people, the effects shut off.

Requirement: ??


Gives you 3 extra points in your Memory attributes.

Requirement: None





Morning Person

When resurected, you resurrect to full health.

Requirement: None



Gives you the ability to perform attacks of opportunity.

Requirement: None

Parry Master

Gives you a 10% bonus dodge chance while dual wielding.

Requirement: ??


The Pawn

Permits your character 1 AP worth of free movement per turn. Does not work with Executioner.

Requirement: Scoundrel 1

Picture of health

Grants +3% extra Vitality for every point of Warfare.

Requirement: Warfare 1




Adds an extra 5m range to your grenade throws.

Requirement: ??





Decreases everyone's attitude towards you by 25, but melee combatants will find you less attractive.

Requirement: ??




Pet Pal

Enables you to talk to animals.

Requirement: None



Increases the duration of status effects you inflict by 1 turn.

Requirement: ??


You explode upon death, dealing 50% of your vitality as physical damage in a 3 meter radius.

Requirement: None

Walk it off

Reduces all status durations by 1 turn. This also affects positive statuses.

Requirement: ??


What a Rush

Increases your recovery and maximum Action Points by 1 when your health is below 50%.

Requirement: ??


    • Anonymous

      21 Sep 2017 08:22  

      lone wolf is a trap when you first start. you really need to plan ahead if you take it.
      also, i love the +3 memory one, it is extremely useful if you plan to use a lot of magic that takes more than a round to refresh. the wands don't seem all that helpful except for creating niche situations

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