Polymoprh Skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are located on this page. This is a Skill Line that was voted in by the Kickstarter backers, but has not yet been currently added to the game.


Polymorph Skills

Polymorphs are inspired by nature and their magic takes some of the best and worst aspects of other creatures and puts them to combat use. For example, you can grow wings and fly over surfaces, and then chain that with the Flight skill for longer distance flight. The Polymorph combat ability gives players one free Attribute Point to your avatar for every Ability Point invested.

The Early Access will include seven skills: 

  • Bull Horns - Magnificent horns sprout from your forehead. You can rush at your enemies and gore them. 
  • Tentacle Lash - With tentacular (it’s a word, look it up) limbs, lash out at the enemy and Disarm them. 
  • Chicken Claw - Turn the target character into a chicken. Squawk! 
  • Heart of Steel - Your skin turns to steel, increasing Physical Armour and regenerating a portion of it every turn. 
  • Chameleon Cloak - Become one with the shadows so that you're invisible to your opponents. 
  • Spread Your Wings - Grow wings that unlock Flight skill. You ignore ground surfaces as long as you keep moving. 
  • Skin Graft - Reset all cooldowns, yet also strip off all Physical Armour and Magic Armour. Removes Burning, Poisoned, Bleeding. 

We’ve created the Metamorph preset class so you can adapt and transform and be as tricksy as mother nature herself. We’re not telling you to combine some of these polymorph skills with summoning skills, but we’re also not telling you NOT to do that. Have fun!

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