The Elven Seer

Location Elf Encampment
Suggested Level 13
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The Elven Seer is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Roost
  • Tovah



The Elven Seer Objectives

  1. Rescue Sahelia from sawmill



The Elven Seer Walkthrough


At the Elf encampment (south to the sawmill), you are asked to rescue Saheila.

Saheila is held prisoner by Roost at the sawmill on the north. (If you didn't kill her on Fort Joy) You have to kill Roost and escort Saheila to the elf camp to complete the quest.

Roost is on the second floor of the main building, guarded by two of his men and a real wolf. After killing the Roost, all other lone wolves will turn hostile. (if not already) One good way to maximize your gain is to sell your unused items to them for coins, then get them back after lone wolves turned hostile and are killed.

As a reward, Saheila will teach you how to master the source (increase source point you can store by one)

If Sebile is on your team, Saheila will reveal her true identity, and give her a choice to be the heart of scions.



Tips & Tricks

    • Anonymous

      31 Oct 2017 07:34  

      Be sure to cast Spirit Vision after killing Roost to free the spirits of some little kids and talk to the spirit of Roost himself.

      • Anonymous

        31 Oct 2017 00:57  

        Bug -- When you talk to the trader, Fletcher Corbin Day, before killing anyone, he will seem to think the Lone Wolves are dead and he can now escape. You can recruit him to join you on the ship.

        • Anonymous

          31 Oct 2017 00:51  

          As you approach the sawmill, the frontal paths are blocked by all sorts of cursed clouds and surfaces, as well as traps. You can clear the clouds and surfaces with Pressure Spike and Rain, respectfully. For cursed surfaces, you'll have to use Bless. There seem to be pressure plates on the western approach by the outhouses, not sure what they do. Perhaps they trigger traps that I disarmed already. On the eastern approach, there are also pressure plates that seem to activate a pair of torches along the walkway. I cleared the poison cloud there with pressure spike, then used rain to wash it away.

          The rear approach (along the beach) or from the Red Princess camp are the safest. However, if you approach from the beach, you'll have to fight or bribe someone. If you approach the front gate and have Ifan ben-Mezd in your party, then you can enter safely and speak to Roost.

          • Anonymous

            23 Oct 2017 00:52  

            Not sure if quest rewards are preset but I got level 9 stuff for this quest when the npc are 14. Bit of a waste but great experience.

            • Anonymous

              19 Oct 2017 06:19  

              BIG TIP FOR PEOPLE DOING THIS QUEST. As you go into the sawmill and kill people there, make sure to use your spirit vision all over the area. There are a bunch of spirits that would LOVE to see those lone wolves dead and gives you 10400 xp per spirit. If i remember correctly - there's about 4-5 which = 40-50k FREE xp.

              • Anonymous

                18 Oct 2017 17:02  

                You can fight your way into the sawmill, otherwise you can use Ifan or a token you get from the "trader" from the 2nd story of the inn in Driftwood

                • Anonymous

                  30 Sep 2017 03:04  

                  You can Waypoint Travel anywhere and it will trigger her being saved automatically giving you about 24,000 exp

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