Location Arx
Suggested Level 20
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Hammerfall is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. The final battle draws near; will you be able to solve the puzzles of Lucian's tomb, or die trying?



Important NPCs



Hammerfall Objectives

  1. Pass the Trial of Blood.
  2. Pass the Crypt of Lucian.
  3. Pass the Line of Anguish.



Hammerfall Walkthrough

This main quest is acquired once you reach Act IV, the Hunt for Dallis.

Speak to Malady, and she will remind you that your purpose here in Arx is to kill Dallis.She suggests that you start searching for her amongst the local Divine Order.

The harbour has been overwhelmed by the Voidwoken; defeat them so you can explore the Lord Dread - Dallis's ship. Interacting with the Lord Dread will tell you that Dallis is older than it, despite it having lived as an Ancestor Tree and an elf prior to its current form. Don't forget to loot the chest for a powerful unique amulet for mages.

Travel through the bridge to reach the city of Arx. You will need to defeat some Voidwoken on the bridge, starting the quest, "Battle at the Gates".

Inside Arx, you will learn from some paladins that Dallis can be found inside the cathedral.

In order to get in the cathedral, you need to complete the quests, "A Craftsman of Dreams and Nightmares" and "The Vault of Linder Kemm".

Once you have the knowledge on how to traverse the traps made by Lucian from Lord Arhu and the amulet and scroll from the Toyseller, you may proceed into the cathedral. Remember to finish all your side quests and companion quests before proceeding. You will gain 96,950 Exploration XP upon approaching the cathedral.

Head forwards, towards the Path of Blood, where a Hopeful Pilgrim will run ahead of you and attempt it. Obviously, he will be struck dead, and you can then pass. Pass on forwards and you will earn 134,750 Exploration XP. As you approach the statue, don't bother talking with it; none of the answers are correct. Instead, to the left of the statue, there is a switch as shown in the picture below. Put the Source Amulet acquired from the Toyseller in it, then push the button. You will automatically read the Scroll of Atonement and a hatch will be revealed.

Once you enter the hatch, you will come to the Crypt of Lucian and immediately earn 80,850XP. There will be a waypoint and puzzle waiting just ahead.

To solve it, first, you need to create some blood on the iron grate, as shown in the picture below:

Cast Blood Rain on this grate, then cast Bless on it. If you do not have Blood Rain, you can attack yourself for some blood.

The second step is to align the pipes. Interact with the altar and pick the 2nd option to align the pipes. There are multiple ways to achieve this; here's one of the solutions:

Once you have aligned the pipes correctly, cast Bless on the blood surrounding the iron grate, then quickly touch the altar and pick the first option to activate it. The puzzle will be solved and the coffin of Lucian will be moved, revealing a secret hatch. Enter it.

You will come to a place called "Line of Anguish". Interacting with the door ahead will give you a warning. Be careful; when you enter this death room, you will meet with a bunch of source puppets who will interact with the levers and annoy the crap out of you, inflicting annoying statuses such as the cow status and the like. Use Source Vampirism on these puppets to kill them, or simply use area effect spells to destroy many of them in 1 go. When they are all dead, pull the five levers bearing the initials that spell "POWER". In this case, Potency-Order-Wisdom-Empathy-Righteousness; the sequence does not matter. You can also use one character to turn invisible and activate the levers while your other characters are in battle with the puppets; this will kill all the puppets. The puppets give no XP. The picture below shows the location of the levers:

After activating all the levers, the barriers will be cleared. It is time for the final battle. Make sure you are ready before you enter the real Crypt of Lucian, because after this point, you can no longer go back. Ensure you have finished all the quests, memorized your best skills, and equipped your best gear, because the end draws close.

This marks the end of Act IV. Divinity awaits.



Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      09 Nov 2017 04:37  

      Note it is possible to interact with the statue and pass, you however cannot admit or do the following:
      Commit theft of any kind
      Murder any innocents, possibly counting those whom were not hostile at first
      Have any affiliation to the Void
      Consume Source through Source Vampirism outside of the tutorial sequence (?)

      Doing so reveals the hatch and bestows the successful player with special permanent buff.

      • 23 Oct 2017 06:04  

        So I cannot get the hatch to open. I have tried reloading way back, i have gotten a fresh hero, i have used all the source and then refilled it, i have overfilled it. Nothing will open the hatch despite the game saying i have done everything and the hatch has opened. It returns the amulet to me with all the source left in it.

        • Anonymous

          19 Oct 2017 12:32  


          I would add this sentence to the start instead of leaving it to the very end:
          (Alternatively, try to hire a new recruit from Hall of Echoes to handle the path of blood)

          I don't understand why such a important fact is left in the middle instead of the start.


          If you choose to serve the God-King the altar will be destroyed and the barrier will be destroyed allowing you(forcing?) you to move down and physically move each block yourself.

          One cool thing that happens is that you can create your own blessed blood, blessed fire, or blessed water in the pools yourself. Remember since you're serving the god-king you'll have curse not bless. I needed to hire a merc to bless a fire I created and it cleared the holy fire requirement. This might be useful if you need to finish 1 pool or maybe 2 at most. I think it would be difficult to do all 3 without the puzzle's assistance because the effect fades pretty fast. But some people have no prob.

          • Anonymous

            16 Oct 2017 03:58  

            You can use your teleport pyramids to teleport towards the bowls and you can pretty much skip the puzzle haha

            • Anonymous

              11 Oct 2017 06:17  

              You can bless the blood after it's finished travelling. Also you can cast blood rain on farthest top right corner of the maze while the blood is blessed to brute force your way through the bug.

              • Anonymous

                08 Oct 2017 21:01  

                When my blood trail gets to the end, even though I bless it up top, and the trail is blessed, it comes out into the bowl as regular blood. WTF do I do?

                • Anonymous

                  07 Oct 2017 18:20  

                  For germans its:

                  Mut (there are 2 levers called "Mut" , dont take the one near the skull, take the other one.)

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Oct 2017 04:54  

                    Is there absolutely no other way to pass the trial of blood other than this scroll? For some reason the scroll disappeared for me and i've killed the sergeant so i cant hire a new character with no kills because i've killed every single npc on the map and the scroll is gone and i can't pass the trial of blood. I mean, it's kinda ironic that lucian tells me that my soul isnt pure when i slaughtered every single npc i saw (animals included) but i still want to see the ending..

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Sep 2017 05:22  

                      you can skip this puzzle by using someone with telekinesis to put a teleporter pyramid on the other side of the blue wall, and then create blessed fire, water, and blood in the respective spots

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Sep 2017 05:38  

                        Pilgrim Hopeful never entered the wooden doors, so now i cant enter the meither, have all requirements necessary, any tips?

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Sep 2017 22:30  

                          How do i align the pipes? Ive already blessed the blood and the small stone tablets pop up but nothing moves.

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Sep 2017 12:42  

                            Here's the puzzle for russian version
                            Русская версия:
                            П (прямота) - Р (решительность) - А (авторитет) - В (воля) - О (отвага)
                            By Dragonking737

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Sep 2017 22:37  

                              i had the same problem of amulet falling out every time i hit the button, the problem most likely is a bug, i had to use vampirism on one ghost and that charged the amulet to 5/5 charges but the quest wouldnt update to reflect it was full charges, so i had to zap another then it tells me it was already full and updates the quest then the switch will work

                              • Anonymous

                                24 Sep 2017 14:54  

                                i have the scroll and the amulet but the latter always falls out of the panel when i put it in. What should i do?

                                • Anonymous

                                  23 Sep 2017 14:24  

                                  You have to bless the blood before you start the flow from the command otherwise the blood at the end will never be blessed blood, it'll just end up being normal blood.

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