The Cursed Ring

Quest Giver
Location Dark Cavern
Suggested Level 4+
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The Cursed Ring is a Personal Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II


Important NPCs

  • Trompdoy
  • ???
  • ???



  1. Search the ruin and defeat the mad illusionist Trompdoy
  2. Take the ring from (one of)Trompdoy's body.



  • On the southeast side of the island (Near 3 voidwoken salamanders), there is a illusionary cave, go inside it and there is a strange ruin.
  • The main entrance to that ruin is blocked, but if you take a look at your mini-map, you can find a illusionary bridge which leads you to another side of the ruin.
  • Trompdoy will keep trying to stop you, so prapare to fight.
  • In one of the room, there is a statue ask you to solve some puzzles. Remeber each letter stands from one word. (you can learn that by talking to rats, provide you have Pet Pal talent)
  • Defeat Trompdoy and acquire the cursed ring, beware you cannot remove the curse unless you have skill Bless, or go to the tower within Gargoyle's Maze.
  • Trompdoy will ask for your forgiveness and ask you to free his soul. You can either break his soul jar (illusionist's soul jar), or use it to empower yourself.
  • There is another statue near the treasure room, interact with it will teleport your main character to an mysterious place. You will gain one source skill there.
  • Use the lever to disable blocking field and leave. 


Tips & Tricks

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