The Cursed Ring

Quest Giver
Location Dark Cavern
Suggested Level 4+
Next Quest --
Previous Quest --

The Cursed Ring is a Personal Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II


Important NPCs

  • Trompdoy
  • Statue of Illusions 


  1. Search the ruin and defeat the mad illusionist Trompdoy
  2. Take the ring from (one of)Trompdoy's body. 



  • On the southeast side of the island (near three voidwoken salamanders) there is an illusionary cave, go inside it, and there is a strange ruin.


  • The main entrance to that ruin is blocked, but if you take a look at your mini-map, you can find an illusionary bridge which leads you to another side of the ruin (to the left of Trompdoy).
  • Trompdoy will keep trying to stop you, so prepare to fight.  He ambushes you and will attack you with three to four duplicates.




  • You will meet a Statue of Illusions inside and he will ask you a few questions

Statue of Illusions

  • Answer for first question is option 1:  'very awful, rotten'; the answer to the second question is option 2: 'a hex, a misery, a blight, a curse' .
  • Defeat Trompdoy and acquire the Cursed Ring from his corpse, beware you cannot remove the curse unless you have skill Bless, or go to the tower within Gargoyle's Maze.


  • Trompdoy will ask for your forgiveness and ask you to free his soul. You can either break his soul jar (illusionist's soul jar), or use it to empower yourself.
  • There is another statue near the treasure room, interact with it will teleport your main character to The Hall of Echoes. You will gain one source skill there.
  • Use the lever to disable blocking field and leave. 


Tips & Tricks

  • Many of the boxes are trapped with elemental damage.
  • Take all of the artwork from the wall in the room with the Statue of Illusions; they are worth about 30-50 gold each.
  • You will receive many soul jars in the treasure room.  You can choose to smash them right there or save them for later.

    • Anonymous

      22 Sep 2017 18:07  

      After you obtain the ring put it on character, than remove it. You will be cursed whatever you wear the ring or not. Journal will be updated that you should find a new host for the ring. I have searched the new host in Fort Joy and Reaper's coast, but never find him.

      You can bless your character while he wearing the ring, it will be automatically unequipped, curse lifted and quest closed.

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