The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island

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Location Bloodmoon Island
Suggested Level 15
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The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Entering Bloodmoon Island, there is blood everywhere and carnage. What secrets do this island hold?



Important NPCs

  • The Advocate
  • The Ancestor Tree
  • The Archivist



The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island Objectives

  1. Learn how the Black Ring attempted to get past the Death Fog that surrounds Bloodmoon Island.
  2. Speak to the Advocate.
  3. Find the entrance to the Archive.
  4. Discover and awaken the Ancestor Tree's spirit, Eleanessa.
  5. Tell Jahan the name of the Arch-demon, Adramahlikh.



The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island Walkthrough

This quest can be acquired after learning about the Black Ring's attempt to get past the death fog surrounding Bloodmoon Island. After entering Bloodmoon Island, go to the place listed in the picture below; it is the entrance to the Archives.

Once inside the Archives, you will immediately gain 50,575XP. You can also cast Spirit Vision and speak to the spirit of the Archivist here. No matter what dialogue option you pick, you will gain 14,450XP. Search around the Archives for the Archivist's Journal and read it to find out the name of the Ancestor Tree is Eleanessa.

Walk forwards and you will find that the wall ahead is actually a hidden door (you will need some wits to spot it). Pick up the Unusual blade here for 50,000XP. If you interact with it as a Lizard, you will be able to understand the blade's words. There is also a locked Tenebrium chest here that will sap 1 source point from your character with every interaction (lockpicking the chest won't sap the source point though). If you loot it, you will find a Green Teleporter Pyramid inside the chest.

The Ancestor Tree can be located at the center of Bloodmoon Island, but it is surrounded by Black Ring magisters who will attack you on sight if you do not pass the speech check. Going too close to the tree will cause them to attack. It is recommended to start The Advocate quest and kill them all for massive amounts of XP.

If you haven't killed The Advocate yet, he will not let you speak to the tree, so you will probably have to kill him too. Killing him is also part of the quest, "A Hunter of Wicked Things", so doing this in conjunction with this quest is, obviously, recommended.

Kill The Advocate, and cast Spirit Vision in order to speak with the Ancestor Tree. Invoke its name (Eleanessa) and it will begin speaking with you in earnest, thanking you for easing its pain. You will gain 66200XP for invoking the name of the tree. The tree then asks you to kill Doctor Daeva, who is possessed by a powerful Arch-demon called Adramahlikh (this quest starts another: Doctor's Orders).

This quest, like many others, will not close upon completion.




  • 50,575XP for entering the Archives.
  • 14,450XP for speaking with the spirit of the Archivist.
  • Pick up the Unusual Blade for 50,000XP.
  • A Green Teleporter Pyramid is located in the Tenebrium chest next to the Unusual Blade.
  • 66,200XP for invoking the name of the Ancestor Tree.

    • Anonymous

      17 Nov 2017 22:56  

      Sooo... Got a Problem... I consumed the ghost of the Archivist earlier in game ... now I can´t talk to the tree ... possible to get his name anywhere? Also don´t have a elf in party...

      • Anonymous

        04 Nov 2017 21:40  

        Well I did everything,found the archive,read Archivist's Journal and i still can't talk with the Tree,what the hell am I doing wrong ? I mean,I did kill the black ring people and the demon lizard befre finding this archive,but mustn't be it,right ?

        • Anonymous

          04 Nov 2017 14:10  

          When you reach Bloodmoon Isle through invisible bridge, a loyal servant greets you. There is a map right in front of him that reveals location of Archive, Ancient Forge and Sculptures.

          • Anonymous

            23 Oct 2017 09:44  

            I spent 10 hours on this island going over every square inch of it. How in the hell is anyone supposed to know to use a shovel to dig in that exact spot to reveal the hatch? There is no in-game indication of either the location or that digging is required. It's the first time in the game a shovel needed to be used manually and the first time I had to use a search engine to find an answer on how to progress.

            • Anonymous

              The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]16 Oct 2017 21:33  

              how do i get to arx without the quest closing when i start nameless isle?

              • Anonymous

                10 Oct 2017 15:44  

                i don't know how i got the quest and now i can't seem to finish it (i met The Advocate before Jahan and other source masters)

                • Anonymous

                  01 Oct 2017 17:01  

                  I closed out this quest when I teleported to the Arx square. The tree's spirit showed up to give me a reward and ended the quest.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Sep 2017 03:01  

                    to close this quest, u need to slay the Doctor without weak him, an elf sprit will find u in ARX after u killed the doctor, and give u the reward.

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Sep 2017 06:26  

                      This quest would not close for me. I did everything listed here and talked to the tree and got the Doctor quest but it's still showing as active in my quest log.

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Sep 2017 21:49  

                        For the vault to appear you need really hit Wits.
                        Either use a potion or use the fire spell "peace of mind" to increase Wits enough to detect the hatch.

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Sep 2017 20:22  

                          Um, he vault hatch isn't appearing, and I've killed the advocate already so. If I could get an explainatuon for that I'd be grateful.

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