Stingtail is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Stingtail information

  • Lizard Pyromancer
  • Sells the basic pyromancy scrolls.
  • Stingtail is the one that stole Griffs "oranges", can be convinced to give them up to any character with a point in persuade, as his highest skill is fairly low. 
  • If you tell Griff that he stole the oranges, a unique NPC "Silence" will be seen attempting to murder Stingtail on Griffs orders the next time you go to Stingtails shack.
  • You can save Stingtail from death if you attack and defeat Silence, and this will not cause Griffs crew to become hostile. 



Stingtail location



Notes and Tips

  • Pyrokinetic Skill Book Vendor
  • When having the Red Prince in your party, you can let him talk to him.
  • When having Sebille in your party, she wants to talk to him. Letting her means she kills him.
  • Is related to quest The Imprisoned Elf

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