Corpse of Alice Alisceon is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Corpse of Alice Alisceon information

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Corpse of Alice Alisceon location

Notes and Tips

    • Anonymous

      13 Oct 2017 21:00  

      I personaly cheesed her by tping her away in the building nearby (there's a rope making a good tp spot next to her).
      I sneaked all the characters but my tank and cast living on the edge before.
      After she used her os spell then charm I unsneak my other caracther and fought normaly.
      Using cc is important tho so she can't use her os spell again.

      • Anonymous

        06 Oct 2017 00:11  

        Another way to cheese (almost any boss) is using Living on the Edge (necr) + Forced Exchange (poly).

        Pre-cast LotE and maybe something that will help resist mind-control, let her bring your character to 1 hp while removing her physical armor, and use FE. She's left with like 60 hp, which is a 1-hit-kill.

        BTW you can kill any foe like that. This is a really broken spell

        • Anonymous

          04 Oct 2017 00:48  

          If you bless her it helps out a lot. If you want to get the XP but not the fight teleport her to Jahan. If you just want her dead send her to a troll.

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