Alice Alisceon

Recommended Level 15+
Related Quest Treated Like Cattle

Corpse of Alice Alisceon is a Boss NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Corpse of Alice Alisceon Information

  • Will attempt to one-hit KO your entire team with fire as soon as you engage in battle with her.
  • Any form of contact with her will always cause her to engage in battle with you.

Corpse of Alice Alisceon Location

  • Northern end of Cloisterwood, shown as a firey "pointed tip" on the map.

Notes and Tips

  • Although there is a Persuasion check, she will fight you regardless of what dialogue option you choose.
  • Will drop the Witch's Cellar Key after dying, to be used in the Treated Like Cattle quest. (Oddly enough, this boss is immensely difficult compared to that quest as a whole, and the cellar it opens can be easily lockpicked with Thievery 4.)
  • Gives an insane amount of experience after defeating her.


(Feel free to contribute by adding your own strategies here.)

  1. The easiest way to defeat her is to lure her to Jahan and have him kill her instead. To do so, have a character capable of attacking her at range waiting near Jahan to the east, and then have another character at the fiery cliff teleport her to the beach below. She will attempt to head around in Jahan's direction to return to her cliff, but her AP limit will force her to stop near his house. At this time, if you attack her with your character who is in waiting and lure her towards Jahan, he will join the fight and decimate her within a few turns.

The comments have plenty of strategies detailed if you aren't interested in cheesing this boss and actually want to fight her, so feel free to scroll down and read through them.

    • Anonymous

      20 Feb 2018 03:55  

      I took down her down "easily" by taking out her physical armour and casted shackles of pain and taunted with my tank. The next turn she 1 shot me and herself. So if you don't mind using a resurrection scroll, pretty easy.

      • Anonymous

        07 Feb 2018 22:27  

        Had my healer & summoner & archer on the tower right infront of the flames and engaged with my tanky hero - bursted her armor with Inp -> shadowinfusion and ballistic shot (mind the range-bonus). Afterwards kept her knocked down - 2 rounds and done.

        • Anonymous

          07 Feb 2018 03:20  

          Did her quite easily after I've changed the party formation (party formation can be changed in the ESC menu). Instead of the tight triangle that I've started with did I choose a formation with as much space as possible in between for this fight: one char in the middle and three others in the far corners. This reduced the initial "one hit"-attempt by Alice to a mere bruising. The charming she then does is also easily broken with a Peace of Mind spell. All that's left to do is to strip her of her armor and to knock her down. The "one hit" she does is a bit of a scare though and caused me to delay the fight with her :).

          • Anonymous

            04 Feb 2018 19:35  

            An easy way to beat her (at least at later stages of the game, when you have some damage) is split your party and start the dialogue with her so only one character will be in a fight. After she made her turn, move others in a range(so fight starts for them too) and burst her down (or at least control her somehow). This way she won't charm your character and won't one-shot your party(my party was 17 lvl with 2k+ hp and 50% fire resist, still died when she cast fire spell).

            • Anonymous

              31 Jan 2018 05:33  

              first turn reduced my fighter to half health and charmed him. Fighter goes to my rogue, beats his physical armor down then taunts him. I have lost control of two of my characters... thank you ifan ben mezd, my trusty archer/summoner and your huge incarnate

              • Anonymous

                28 Jan 2018 17:51  

                She is able to use skills like Flight, Heart of Steel, Curse, Flay Skin and even Teleport. Living on the Edge + Death Wish really turns the tables on her 1-shot attack.

                • Anonymous

                  27 Jan 2018 12:41  

                  hmm my first encounter with her was rather fun. I had been winning most fights on first turn very easily lately in classical with a lonewolf warfate 2h and a pyro-geo caster.(only the scarecrows was a bit tougher). I talked to her, and I didn't get any possibility to play before getting both chars killed despite 2 idols of rebirth. First AoE attack she killed my warfare and made him use his idol. Then she charmed my fighter. Her totems finished killng my caster, who then lost its turn (because of the idol rebirth I guess? wasn't stunned or anything), then she killed her as well :). Will probably be much easier with at least hasting prefight.

                  • Anonymous

                    23 Jan 2018 12:02  

                    two lone wolves lvl 13 (fit/daggers and fit/crossbow) were able to kill her in one turn without issue (she didn't even managed to oneshot one of them with first attack). Call it balance

                    • Anonymous

                      22 Jan 2018 21:46  

                      Have any of your character talk to her. While she's in a dialog, slowly teleport her and the character in conversation to jahan. Have all your character hide inside jahan house. Finish the conversation and watch the show from safety.

                      • Anonymous

                        20 Jan 2018 12:54  

                        Have Warfare/Polymorph figter, this is pretty usual, can even use the red prince with a good shield...
                        My main is a two handed warfare/polymorph, he had executioner.
                        I battering rammed alice, killing a totem along the way giving me 2AP, took out most of her armor, Onslaughted her to beneath 100 hp.
                        The i just had ifan ben mezd shoot her in the face...

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Jan 2018 23:00  

                          Overbuff your rogue while the said rogue talk to alice, incl. living on the edge, haste and move everyone else far behind, you can even absorb all the damage and pretty much kill her in a single turn. Rain of blood (cast before battle) + grasp of staved can clear everything in sight (totems and her armor).
                          Overall a very easy fight

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Jan 2018 16:52  

                            An less cumbersome tactic that doesn't really require any specific spell (nor Source) to work in order to make the fight easier is: Unchain your party and start talking with her with one character (somewhere along the border of the burned ground I suggest, as she'll summon ~5 totems in the middle of the burned area which you might want to avoid entirely), then re-position the rest of the characters at even distances from one another, to be outside of her ridiculous aoe's range. Pre-casting rain or blood rain (if you have it) is a good idea also, as her attacks are mostly fire-based, and the cursed fire surface they leave behind deal ridiculous damage (over 200 to characters having over 30% fire resistance, which is why water puddles come in handy). Then start the fight and be happy she'll only destroy one of your characters at best. I had my well-equipped party deleted in a single round first time I faced her, but splitting them it was easy to just restore armor/shield and heal a single character she ended up targeting. 0 deaths, went down in 2 rounds, almost too easy.

                            • Anonymous

                              01 Jan 2018 23:54  

                              You can win this fight easily with spider web + any ranged hero...
                              The key is, you teleport her to the shore below the edge while having someone speaking to him. Then you throw a spiderweb at her, and then start the fight immediately.
                              Because you are on a way higher position, her spells can't reach you, but your spell/arrows can reach her... so, the fight is literally one-sided, you keep hitting her to death and she couldn't do anything to you... All her totems can't move either so they can't reach you either if you positioned your team out of the range of course.

                              The only caveat here is, because you are too far away from her, she will try to run away along the shore. You need to send a guy that you are willing to let die or with Live On the Edge to the shore too. Then when the fight starts, the witch won't run away.
                              You can resurrect/teleport the guy you sent to shore after 1st round, and the witch will never hit any of you again.

                              • Anonymous

                                16 Nov 2017 00:35  

                                Before the fight started I had Ifan jump up to a ledge before, my fane as a night put living on the edge on Sebille while she talked to her, and my main char whose a rogue / polymorph just position right, so if she did her one shot, it wouldnt kill sebille. I had to bless the fire first, then use rain to quell it on Sebille, then flesh sac on her so I can summon a water incarnate so that she could take some damn damnage. For some reason, she went directly for ifan, who ate away at her physical armor.

                                She got way too close, so once her physical defense went down I proceeded to CC her to death. fane was a knight so I started with Battering ram and started wailing on her with him, my rogue + adrenaline, and ifan's arrows. My totems couldnt last long enough to do anything so sebille was just using magic armor. After Battering it was the hammer down move, proceeded to wail on her, my incarnate had wild rush, another knock down, and ifan had knock down arrows so it was just a CC to death battle since her physical armor is so low in comparison to her magic def

                                • Anonymous

                                  15 Nov 2017 09:58  

                                  I blessed the fire and had a full brawl with her in holy fire.... was real fun watching it burn her and heal me

                                  • Anonymous

                                    05 Nov 2017 21:24  

                                    wew... You either get a clean favorable start where you nuke her phys.... Or your entire team eats a giant fireball barrage where in you get nuked. 3 tries was the ticket...

                                    • Anonymous

                                      31 Oct 2017 15:51  

                                      I tried on lv 12.
                                      Before fight Alice forced talk to Lohse, Sebille spread some blood area with blood rain on Alice and flesh sacrifice.
                                      Summoner spawn a blood+farsighted+power infused champion incarnate
                                      Spread out the 4 characters

                                      1st round,

                                      Alice wreck and charm my MC tank summoner and killed my incarnate T_T

                                      Archer Lohse, elemental(blood) arrow > Haste on Fane > Adrenaline > ricochet and executed a totem(+2AP) > attack once. Realized the reflected attack is really hurt, used potion.

                                      Charmed MC Summoner died from Alice's pain aura (RIP 1 resurrect scroll)

                                      Shadowblade Fane(elf form) flesh sacrifice > elemental(blood) arrow > backlash > rupture tendon > chicken claw. YAY, run and die for me Alice.

                                      Enchanter/Necromancer Sebile, resurrect scroll on MC > flesh sacrifice > armor of frost on MC > regen on Alice(glad she is an undead)

                                      Summoner MC, summon blood champion incarnate > farsight > power.

                                      Incarnate, attack normally twice.

                                      2nd round

                                      Chickened Alice run. Attack of opportunity done by incarnate and Fane. Alice still continue to run and died from rupture tendon.

                                      Cleaning up the remaining totems. YAY

                                      • Anonymous

                                        23 Oct 2017 14:47  

                                        The times I've engaged her, it usually goes like this:

                                        - She has the first turn and then oneshots OR charms my character(s)
                                        - I get the first turn and then oneshot OR disable her

                                        To get the first turn, I think you need initiative in the high 40s. I had 49 on my Lone Wolf Fane and got the first turn. Fane then completely stripped her for magic armor and almost oneshot her with Apotheosis/Time Warp. My guess is you can do it even more easily with physical damage as on tactician she has a buff that grants her Water Immunity (her only real elemental weakness), bash down her armor with Overpower and then stun her.

                                        For lower levels, you probably have to cheese her in order to manage it, as many others here have suggested. On honour mode I'd stay clear of this madwoman until you're more than geared and high level enough as she can easily wipe out your entire team in one turn.

                                        • 20 Oct 2017 01:28  

                                          Talk to her with only one character.
                                          I teleported her to the shore below while she was talking then hit her with two shield bash to drop armor and healing spells (my four characters had them)., i also put one summoned devil with her so her first attacks were on him.

                                          She died after the first round.

                                          ps: i was on level 15.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            13 Oct 2017 21:00  

                                            I personaly cheesed her by tping her away in the building nearby (there's a rope making a good tp spot next to her).
                                            I sneaked all the characters but my tank and cast living on the edge before.
                                            After she used her os spell then charm I unsneak my other caracther and fought normaly.
                                            Using cc is important tho so she can't use her os spell again.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              06 Oct 2017 00:11  

                                              Another way to cheese (almost any boss) is using Living on the Edge (necr) + Forced Exchange (poly).

                                              Pre-cast LotE and maybe something that will help resist mind-control, let her bring your character to 1 hp while removing her physical armor, and use FE. She's left with like 60 hp, which is a 1-hit-kill.

                                              BTW you can kill any foe like that. This is a really broken spell

                                              • Anonymous

                                                04 Oct 2017 00:48  

                                                If you bless her it helps out a lot. If you want to get the XP but not the fight teleport her to Jahan. If you just want her dead send her to a troll.

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