Mona is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Mona information

  • ??
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Mona location

  • Mona first appears in a tent adjacent to Fort Joy in the Fort Joy Ghetto. (X:233 Y:131)



Notes and Tips

  • Necromancer Skill Book Vendor
  • When talking, or trading, with her it is best if you have physical armor, as you can contract her condition.
  • If you cast Bless or Armour of Frost on her and cure her plague, she will attack you.

    • Anonymous

      13 Dec 2017 03:55  

      Waiting for a way to actually cure her or help her out tbh... Tried rejuv but did nothing obviously, and as others here have mentioned she attacks if u do the other spells... Thinking if there's anything later into the game to cure her

      • Anonymous

        07 Sep 2017 05:14  

        how do you get the option to buy stuff from her? she never wants to sell me anything. I usually just kill her for loot and the leather pants behind her because she never wants to sell to me wtf

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