Ranger is a Class in Divinity: Original Sin II.



Ranger Information


A marksman with legendary knack for self-perservation.

Ranger is a very strong ranged damage dealing class with many ways to keep themselves safe and re-position when needed. Rangers should always be trying to take advantage of their environment, looking for high ground, to gain a devastating damage bonus against their enemies. Ranger synergizes very well with the Aerothurge spellbook because of the massive utility the spells can bring.





Arrow Recovery



Starting Skills



Peace of Mind

Elemental Arrowheads



Starting Gear

  • ???
  • ???




  • Consider choosing Elf for the bonus to Finesse if you pick this Class. (Outdated)
  • Consider choosing Human or Human Undead for the bonus to Wits if you pick this Class. (Outdated)
  • If you are able to keep the black cat alive,  Summon Cat Familiar is very strong on the Ranger, allowing you to easily reach high ground every few turns.
  • Always look for an opening to reach high ground for the damage bonus. If you've invested points into Huntsman, the damage bonus you gain from high ground can easily turn the tides of a battle.

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