Knight of Duna's Helm







Knight of Duna's Helm is an Armor in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Knight of Duna's Helm is a Helmet found in the Dwarfen Temple on the Nameless isle. During the Quest The Watcher's Mercy


Knight of Duna's Helm Information

  • 146 Physical Armor
  • 20 Magica Armor
  • Grants 4 bonuses such as:
    • +3 Strength 
    • +3 Constitution 
    • +20% Earth resistance 
    • +1 Warfare


Knight of Duna's Helm Requirements

    • Requires 13 Strength



Knight of Duna's Notes/Tips

  • The Helm is received as a drop for killing the Knight of Duna inside the Temple of Duna
  • This Helm can be missed if the dwarf is not killed 
  • You can complete the quest without killing the Dwarf but will miss out on the helm 


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    • Anonymous

      26 Jul 2020 05:39  

      If you choose to fight him, you can polymorph him into a non-dwarf (i.e. chicken), he'd be continuously stabbed by a statue (who aren't put into combat) if he's near one since he's no longer considered a dwarf.

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