Ice King

A character with Ice King has an extra 15% Water Resistance, but takes a 15% penalty to Fire Resistance. In addition the maximum Water Resistance is raised by 10.
Incompatible with Demon.

Requirement:Hydrosophist 1

Ice King is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



  • The default maximum water resistance, not counting potions, is 100%. Ice King increases that amount to 110%.

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    • Anonymous

      I mean, what is this joke of a Talent. Can we please get a buff?? How about 50 percent increased resistance and increase the cap by 50 percent? How has this Talent not already received a buff???? I mean nobody even comments on this Talent because it's so bad. At least niche abilities people talk about and try to focus a build around. This Talent is just bad. So is Demon. Please buff these Talents!! If you are reading this and agree please upvote this comment and also upvote the comment on the Demon page, where someone articulated quite well why Demon needs a buff, he said "I don't feel like a Demon when I use this talent" and that's true for Ice king as well. Are we supposed to give a rat's butt about a 15% resistance increase??? Is that a joke? I get that resistance from a measy 5 points in leadership! Some of the most basic armour in the game giives 10% resistance, so 15% just isn't that exciting. You have to feel like a bad-a when you use a Talent like this because otherwise there are better Talents.

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