The Voidwoken Drillworm is encountered during your final battle on Fort Joy. The Drillworm appears mid-way through your battle and is hostile to both you and the magisters.

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    • Anonymous

      09 Aug 2020 12:39  

      fun fact, if u've killed anyone at harbour, there is a dialouge with the worm which is appearing after wiping

      • Anonymous

        22 Jul 2020 15:05  

        I Lone Wolfed the fight. You are basically a level 9 character with the damage output of a level 10.

        I reloaded an earlier save and loaded a full party to feel clean.

        • Anonymous

          03 Aug 2019 05:17  

          This fight is nigh on impossible on Tactician without a bit of cheap tricks and luck.... EVERY fighter will 2 hit KO and the Bishop and Worm will easily 1 hit KO. What I did was lure the bishop and his melee fighters through the main door while cc'ing their magic armour till you can entangle/freeze. Archer and metamorph will not be able to hit you there. When the worm appears, escape the fight and let the remaining magisters handle it. If you get the position right, the worm will kill all melee fighters but will not be able to hit the rangers, so the fight will be frozen and not reset (or better yet if they manage to kill the worm for you). Then just sneak, hit and run to finish the worm off. It's a bit exploitative but it works if you're really stuck here.

          • Anonymous

            02 Jan 2019 12:20  

            For some reason this page is empty , however the voidwoken drill worm appears just before you leave fort joy. While fighting bishop alexander,(which i recomend you do with just your party and dont request any renforcents from gareth as they will almost defenetily die and are almost no help.) The VoidWoken drillworm will burrow up through the middle of the fight area , when this happens you will get a small diologe between alexander and your party, he will agree to fight the drill worm instead of your party ( this is good time to lay the smackdown on alexander and his goons as they wont fight back as theyre busy) over all this is a rather easy fight and could have been alot harder

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