Domoh Dumora



86-90 Physical
18-19 Fire




25% 3 turn Bleeding
20% 3 turn Burning
Skill: Terrifying Cruelty


14 Finesse



Domoh Dumora is a Weapon in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Perfect for backstabbing your foes in the kidneys. Or peeling an apple.


Domoh Dumora


NAME Location/Where to find

  • It is hidden on the balcony of Arhu's Chambers in The Arx below the Pet Basket.


NAME Notes/Tips

  • best dagger in the game besides Rancour


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    • Anonymous

      Guys! This dagger in the DE edition is in other place! Near the original but its down the ledge, in the grass! X:371 Y:443

      • Anonymous

        [In DE] I didn't have to use Apparition or any tricks at all. However I did successfully persuade the lady out front when you first walk into Cathedral to let me have an audience with Arhu and I had already saved him for that really long quest through Lord Klemm's vault.

        Loc 367, 445 in Arx.

        Walk right up to the Pet Basket and move it aside. To clarify, this best dagger in the game (so far( is on the East side of the Cathedral in Arx, past Arhu's chambers in this zen garden of sorts overlooking a cliff. Domoh Dumora is under this pet basket that you just to walk up to and move and you would never find in a million years if not for these online walkthroughs. Domoh Arigoto y'all. ;)

        • Anonymous

          If not under the basket, use Apportation on the spot and you will get it. You can make a scroll of Apportation from a blank page + rope + high quality air essence.

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