Huge Physical

Armour Potion


431 Physical Armour

Item Type Potion
Craftable No
Duration 5 Turns
AP Cost AP
Weight 0.25
Value 170

Huge Physical Armour Potion is a Potion in Divinity: Original Sin 2


"A very large-sized potion that enchants and strengthens your Physical Armour."


Huge Physical Armour Potion is a potion that grants 431 Physical Armour when consumed for five turns. The physical armour provided is increased by 5% for each level of Geomancer you have.


These potions can't be crafted. In-game, they are called Large Physical Armour Potion, but have a different icon and provide a larger amount of physical armour than the actual Large Physical Armour Potion. It appears that the game developers never fully implemented this potion. The developers created the item along with an appropriate icon, amount of physical armour added relative to size, an appropriate gold value, and added it to loot tables and merchant wares. However, they never gave it the proper name and didn't implement the crafting recipe. 



Where to find / Location

  • Sold by potion Merchants 
  • Found randomly around the game world

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