Jar of Honey


2 Intelligence

Heals 20%

15% Poison Resistance

Item Type Consumable
Craftable Yes
Duration 6 turns
AP Cost AP
Weight 0.1
Value 12

Jar of Honey is a consumable in Divinity: Original Sin 2

"Made by bees descended from the great and ancient Queen Lysandra."


Jar of Honey is a very valuable ingredient as it allows you to make Charming Arrows and Love Grenades. Since Charm is such a powerful ability, you should collect as many Empty Honey Jars as possible and stock up when you can. It appears that you can only fill the jars at the beehives north of Driftwood in Reaper's Coast, or at any other Beehives that are in a farm setting, propped up on wooden stands. Beehives that are hanging from trees or found in the wild won't work.


That means that you cannot craft any additional Jars of Honey after leaving Reaper's Coast, so make sure you're stocked up before heading out on the Lady Vengeance!


Crafting Recipes

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

empty honey jar Empty Honey Jar beehive Beehive (North of Driftwood)

Where to find:

  • Sold by Merchants 
  • Found randomly around the game world. For instance 5 can be found at a desk a few meters southern the house of Gwidian's family in the black pits (at a table near X:700 Y:156)
    • (Another at X:670 Y:172, on the shelf, far-left corner from enterance)
  • Can be crafted
  • When consumed, you will lose the empty jar

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