Ryker's Spider

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Ryker's Spider is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

This page seems to be outdated or extraneous.  See main quest page The Weaver for details.

Important NPCs

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Ryker's Spider Objectives

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  2. ???



Ryker's Spider Walkthrough


Detailed walkthrough goes here.



Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      16 Oct 2017 04:30  

      She give you a quest, requeriments.
      Spider kiss from the quest : A Web of Desire
      Pet pal.
      Limbs from different enemies or bodies (rykers dungeon plenty of them)
      She smell the Spider Kiss from you and is friendly to you, then she ask for limbs (trade) then she ask for 3 more (trade again) and she give you Spider silk glove:
      128 MA
      26 PA
      +30% poison resistance
      Inflick poison on contact

      • Anonymous

        26 Sep 2017 01:36  

        Spider can be found in the attics, you have to climb the stairs with a force char. Didn't find any quest related to it tho

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