Saheila's Crest




Lucky Charm + 1



Saheila's Crest is an Armor in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


The eight-pointed star depicted on this finely-crafted amulet (considered heretical by the Church of the Seven) represents the Seven Gods and the one oversoul that unites them with humanity.


Saheila's Crest Information

  • Magical Armour 7
  • Lucky Charm + 1
  • Poison Resistance +10%
  • Intellegence +1


Saheila's Crest Requirements



Saheila's Crest Notes/Tips

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    • Anonymous

      17 Oct 2017 00:33  

      kept that stuff all the until I saw her again in Act II and rescued her, because in Fort Joy they said to get it to the mainland and it did nothing...

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