Decaying is a status in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Healing spells and potions will damage you for 100%. This damage value can gain crit (if caster has Savage Sortilege) and highground bonuses, and be improved by Warfare. This includes every healing effect EXCEPT the one from the Necromancy skill, and bedroll. To decaying targets:

  • The standard heals (restoration, first aid, healing potion, food etc) will do damage instead.
  • Blood sucker, which normally heals undead as well as living, will damage them instead.
  • Poison, which normally heals undead, will damage them instead.
  • The full heal from Bedroll is not affected by decaying.
  • The passive heal from dealing damage while having points in Necromancy is not affected by decaying.
  • Since Cleanse Wounds removes decaying before applying the healing effect, the healing applied to a target is not affected by decaying.
  • Fortify can be used to remove Decaying

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    • Anonymous

      Hello! Question for the pros. I might have a bug where decaying isn’t working properly, and this is the example scenario:

      Undead has decaying status effect,
      My poison damage from my venom archer still heals them


      • Anonymous

        This article forgets to mention that the healing spell Cleanse Wounds removes Decay and therefore cannot be used to damage a decaying enemy, unlike other standard heals. I know, it's obvious once you paid attention to it, but still, not obvious for noobs.

        • Anonymous

          As an Undead, while Decaying I got damaged by my friend's poison AOE, so don't get confused by the "healing spells and potions", it's the healing effect that damages you instead.

          • Anonymous

            People really need to update these damn comments. NONE of this works, and Google only seems to show these old threads and not anything remotely helpful.

            • Anonymous

              could decaying touch be helpful against mordus? because his stupid companions do always shoot poison arrows at him to heal him which makes it quite difficult to get his health down :/

              • Anonymous

                From my own experience, no. Decaying does not give you healing if you recieve poison abilities or step into poison surfaces.

                • Anonymous

                  Make that, Would poisons heal as with an undead character? Or is the only remedy to cure the Decaying status with Cleanse Wounds?

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