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25% set 2 turn Decaying
Skill: Living on the Edge


Strength 14


Two-Handed Axe

Falone is a Weapon in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


This farmer's scythe has cut down more crops than men. Although, you probably aim to change that, right?


 Falone Stats


Falone Location/Where to find

  • The Arx Cathedral in the hands of a statue at x341, y383

falone location


Falone Notes/Tips

  • probably the best 2-hand weapon in the game, besides one-hit Anathema
  • nothing prevents you from walzing right in and picking it up as first act once you reach Arx City


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    • Anonymous

      09 Sep 2021 20:22  

      Actually the best two-handed weapon is "Voor d'lamas", which is a direct upgrade to Lohar's Two-hander, sold by Trader Fionola at Arx City Square. She is located at 276, 283.

      The mace itself at level 20 comes with the following stats:
      - 25% critical chance
      - 3 Strength
      - 2 Constitution
      - 2 Warfare
      - 25% chance to knockdown
      - 50% cleave damage
      - Comes with free Challenge skill

      Using this mace with the Devourer's set is insanely strong, even on Tactician difficulty in a 4-man party.

      • Anonymous

        30 Mar 2021 12:00  

        I tested both, Lohars 2 hander and Falone maxed out (LV 20 and with Runes). They did nearly the same damage. Lohars hammer has a higher minimum damage, but Falone has a higher max damage and so it's in the battle for me. But Lohars hammer has nockdown, which is great i think but on the other hand Falone has the necromancer skill (If you wear the set of the devourer, you get the source skill, which Lohars hammer has, anyway).

        But! a huge plus for Falone is, that it does 50% cleave damage. So that means, you slay in a cone and every enemy which is in this cone will get 50% damage of your attack (on your main aim). So if there are 2 enemys in front of you, you will do 150% damage. 100% on your aim and 50% to the other. So it's alot stronger than Lohars Hammer i think.

        And on top it has 1 Point more in Warfare. So in my opinion Falone is better than Lohars hammer. Except you really really need the nockdown.

        • Anonymous

          04 Mar 2021 11:18  

          for me, strongest 2 handed melee weapon in game is lohar's 2 hander upgraded with sourcerous sundries. trust me, it will make Falone look like a child's toy...

          • Anonymous

            03 Mar 2021 15:08  

            So yeah, you steal this and fail a speech check the ENTIRE city aggros you in DE. Game ending/ruining. Absolutely stupid design choice by Larian.

            • Anonymous

              17 Feb 2021 19:48  

              You can remove the stolen status from any item by donating it to a vendor and then buying it back, or by killing the vendor of course.

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