Release yourself from your oath to the God King.

 0 Memory slots (item skill)








Swornbreaker is a Sourcery Skill in Divinity: Orginal Sin 2. It undoes the pact players have made with the God King.


 Release yourself from your oath to the God King.


Spell Book Location


This skill is not learnable through a skillbook. It is an item skill obtained by wielding a Swornbreaker, which can be crafted with 

  • Ancient Stone Tablet + Haft of the Swornbreaker + Blade of the Swornbreaker

or found held by a statue in Arhu's Prison in Act IV.




  • No Skill Ability requirements.
  • Item skill,  occupies zero Memory slots.
  • Costs 1 Action Point and zero Source Points per use, requiring 3 turns of cooldown.
  • The item must not have zero durability.



Notes and Tips

  • Just inside the entrance to the Academy during Act III, you will encounter a neutral Voidwoken who will give you the option to form a pact with the God King. Doing so will transform the Bless spell into Curse, grant you two bonus attribute points, two bonus combat ability points, and two bonus talent points, as well as two free revives and locking the character into one ending. This skill will let players undo the pact.
  • Using the skill will use up the weapon's durability, and it cannot be repaired. In its broken state the weapon can still be given to any of three questgivers (Almira, Windego, Sadha) without repercussions.
  • While breaking the pact with the God King with this skill will return your Curse ability for Bless, you will not lose the bonus points for attributes, abilities and talents that you were given when you first swore into your pact, allowing you to make the pact for the bonus stats and then immediately break it.
  • This skill has no actual application in gameplay and is only for story purposes. 


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