Ruined Castle is a notable area and a waypoint within The Hollow Marshes in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Ruined Castle


Notes & Tips

  • The Shrieker blocking the west entrance to the area can be destroyed with a Purging Wand.
  • The magisters in the courtyard can be convinced that you aren't a Fort Joy escapee. This requires 1+ Persuasion
    • You can even convince the magisters that they've been instructed to leave the area. This requires 2+ Persuasion.
      • Successfully persuading the magisters gives you 0 XP.
  • Although Gareth is actively being attacked by Magisters, there is no reason to rush in to save him. Gareth will not take any damage until the player enters combat with him. This also applies to Tarlene, who will not take part in Gareth's combat until the player enters.
  • Saving Gareth from the magister's attack completes the quest Most Dangerous When Cornered.
    • For completing this quest, you gain 3000 XP and a reward after speaking with Gareth.

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