Witch's Location is a sub-area of Fort Joy  in Divinity Original Sin: 2. Witch's Location is a secluded area where Radeka the Witch resides.  Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


General Information

  • Location: Fort Joy
  • Recommended Level: 6+




Notable NPCs



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Witch's Location

The Witch

Upon arriving, you'll be greeted with a number of traps. Make sure you don't try to take on all of it at once since you may die. Instead, you can destroy it one by one, disarm it, or try avoiding and going around it. If you've made it through, Radeka the Witch will be waiting. Once the battle starts, she will fight by summoning Bloody Corpses, three Carrion Beetles, and an Undead Medat. 

If you manage to beat her along with her minions, you can loot various items from her and the surroundings such as the second Purging Wand and a Blood Rose which can be used to craft a powerful potion.


Notes & Tips

  • If you don't want to fight Radeka for the wand, you can pickpocket it off her as well.




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    • Anonymous

      03 Nov 2017 11:33  

      This is not the right location at all. This is the Caverns connected to the Forgotten Cell on the south end of the island. Not the Witch's Cave on the south east side of the island. Delete this page.

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