Witch's Location is a sub-area of The Hollow Marshes, Fort Joy (Act 1) in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


General Information

Map Legend

  1. Radeka the Witch
  2. Carrion Beetle (when summoned)
  3. Bloody Corpse (when summoned)
  4. Undead Medat (when summoned)
  1. Poison surface traps
  2. Explosive traps
  3. Entrance from The Hollow Marshes



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Witch's Location

witchlocation annotated

Notes & Tips




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    • Anonymous

      Cave is just short distance from Dragon. To the south. There is a teleport shrine in front of it as well. Marked on map as Witch Cave

      • Anonymous

        easy cheese for the battle:
        when the dialog with her starts, make sure that only one of your characters is in the interaction. use another to teleport the with and the interacting character to where the last trap is. this way, her minions will be out of battle when summoned and youll get to easy solo her. done that on 1st playthrough on tactic mod

        • Anonymous

          This is not the right location at all. This is the Caverns connected to the Forgotten Cell on the south end of the island. Not the Witch's Cave on the south east side of the island. Delete this page.

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