Nothing But Child's Play

Location Fort Joy Prison
Suggested Level ???
Next Quest ???
Previous Quest  

Nothing But Child's Play is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

Rescue or leave Fort Joy with Han.

Important NPCs



  1. ???
  2. ???



  • If you rescue Delorus from the Magister Houndmaster, he can give you a passcode.
  • Going up to Fort Joy Prison where there is a small dock you will find Magister Carin and Magister Goa smuggling out Han through a boat.
  • You can use the passcode Delorus gave you on the magisters to proceed with the quest without fighting or fight them for XP.
  • Speak with Han and you can leave with him through the boat, you will be moved just outside the fort on the beach on The Hollow Marshes side.


Notes & Tricks

  • Apparently Han infiltrated the fort in order to rescue Verdas.
  • ???

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