Reaper's Coast is a location in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Reaper's Coast is considered to be the largest map that is in the game and is the next location after The High Seas. Players will need to complete the main quest: Powerful Awakening.


Reaper's Coast Map


Reaper's Coast Sub-Areas Quick List


Reaper's Coast Beach ♦ Driftwood ♦ Undertavern ♦ The Meadows ♦ Paladin Bridgehead ♦ Paradise Down ♦ Stonegarden ♦
BlackpitsWrecker's Cave ♦ Ancient Temple ♦ Bloodmoon Island ♦ Reaper's Bluff ♦ Cloisterwood


Reaper's Coast Sub-Areas



Recommended Level: ???

Notable NPCs: ???

There are a few quests that you can start here such as Hide & SeekThe Wreck Caravan, They Shall Not Pass, and Counting your Chickens. You'll find the little boy at the edge of a broken bridge, and you can interact with a shark and chickens if you have the pet pal talent.



Recommended Level: 9

Notable NPCs: Multiple NPCs and Merchants

Players can undergo multiple quests that are related to this sub-area. Such as the main quest, Powerful Awakening. You can also find multiple merchants like Papa Thrash and other NPCs in the area.



Recommended Level: 10-11

Notable NPCs: Multiple NPCs

You can find multiple NPCs in this sub-area, such as Effie, Ghanga, Valine, and many more. This is the place where The Driftwood Arena is located. Players can also acquire the Spider's Kiss talent from a strange woman named Dorotya who asks you to look at her ring and then kisses you.



Recommended Level: 12+

Notable NPCs: Fingal Boyd

The quests related to this sub-area are The Ugly Little Bird and Treated Like Cattle, Seed of Power (Four Relics of Rivellon)



Recommended Level: 9; 14+ after sending the owl

Notable NPCs: Multiple NPCs

There are multiple NPCs that players can find here such as Paladin Cork, Fulton, Audrey, and many more. The related quests are Dark Dealings in the Blackpits, The Three Altars, and A Danger to Herself and Others.



Recommended Level: 13+

Notable NPCs: Almira

Players can find some chests and bodies that can be looted for items. Here, you'll also meet a succubus named Almira who allows you to complete a questUnlikely Lovers where she'll ask you to defeat the Harbringer of Doom.



Recommended Level: 11

Notable NPCs: Multiple NPCs

There will be multiple quests that are related to this sub-area such as All in the Family, A Hunger From BeyondSpeaking in Forked Tongues, A Generous Offer, and many more. Players will most likely revisit this area to speak to the various NPCs and complete the quests for Stonegarden.



Recommended Level: 13+

Notable NPCs: Multiple NPCs

In the Blackpits, players can meet various NPCs such as Gwydian Rince, the Crossleys, and many more. The quest related to this sub-area is On the Ropes.



Recommended Level: 12

Notable NPCs: Mordus

The related quests to this sub-area are The Law of the Order, Shadow Over Driftwood, and A Taste of Freedom.



Recommended Level: 14

Notable NPCs: The Eternal Aetera

In the heart of the temple players will encounter a puzzle that needs to be solved. After that they'll face the Eternal Aetera. The quests that are related to this sub-area are A Generous Offer and Dark Dealings in the Blackpits.



Recommended Level: 15

Notable NPCs: Multiple NPCs.

For this location, there are multiple NPCs players can meet such as Zerachial the Accursed. The quests that are related to this sub-location are The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island, The Forgotten and the Damned, and A Hunter of Wicked Things.


Reaper's Bluff


[map goes here]


Recommended Level: 10

Notable NPCs: Lagan

Reaper's Bluff is a sub-area that is located at the west side of Driftwood. You'll encounter Lagan who lost his wedding ring which is the side quest Lost and Found, as well as The Burning Prophet, Keep Calm and Carrion (Four Relics of Rivellon)



Recommended Level: 12

Notable NPCs: Mody, Elodi

Players can find a Blackroot that is growing which will be needed later on for the main quest. There are multiple NPCs in this sub-area such as Hannag and Eithne. There are also multiple quests that can be found here such as Eithne the Trader, Aggressive Takeover, Window of Opportunity, and many more.


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    • Anonymous

      Can't interact with Ifan and add him to my party!
      I've started Chapter IV - Reaper's Coast. Before in Chapter III - Lady Vengeance - Hall of echoes we defeated Alexandar. He was Ifan's target. Now I or any of my partymembers can no longer talk to Ifan. He stands on the upper deck of the Lady Vengeance and every time we try talking to him he says "Can't talk right now" or "This is no time for idle chit-chat" So I I'm not able to add him to my party again. So now I only have a party of three characters. I would like to add a fourth member but even Sergeant Zrilla won't recruit for me, because She says I have a full party. Can anyone help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong or should now do, to solve this problem?

      • Anonymous

        To get to top island on map you can also go just to the east of where the demonhunter Jahan is and just south of the island where a bridge once was. Use spirit vision and you will find a spirit bridge is still there but is broken. You will need teleporting/jumping abilities to cross the bridge.

        • Anonymous

          if you have Fane in your part, he can cross with the ship without dying. Once on land, there is no poison cloud. Take Fane across the island to the portal to port back to the mainland and bring over the rest of the party.

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