Almira's Request

The tablet required for the quest
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level  13
Next Quest The Key to Freedom
Previous Quest Unlikely Lovers

Almira's Request is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Almira seeks a tablet to break her free of being Sworn to the God King. Will you help her?



Important NPCs



Almira's Request Objectives

  1. Find the tablet deep in the Blackpits caverns.
  2. Bring it back to Almira.



Almira's Request Walkthrough

After you finish the quest, "Unlikely Lovers", Almira will ask you to continue helping her, this time to bring her a certain tablet deep in the Blackpits.

Once you enter the Blackpit caverns and make your way to the temple where "The Eternal Aetera" boss is located, search the two chests next to her sarcophagus and you will find the tablet. This ancient tablet is the very same one sought after by Ryker. You can simply give it to Ryker first, let him betray you, then pry it off his dead body and still give it to Almira. Alternatively, you can give it to Almira and then pickpocket it from her afterwards (she will be on the Lady Vengeance).

Reading the Ancient Stone Tablet will grant you knowledge of the "Swornbreaker" recipe, and to craft it you will need the tablet as one of the components. There is currently a bug where if you give the tablet to Almira, it sometimes doesn't remove from your inventory, giving you the opportunity to both craft the Swornbreaker and complete this quest at the same time.

Regardless, in order to finish the quest, give the tablet to Almira and she will reward you with a ring called "The Ravisher", as well as 51,900XP. This ring grants the ability "Dominate Mind". The quest is complete at this point.




  • 51,900XP and "The Ravisher" ring upon quest completion.



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    • Anonymous

      In definite version you can only pick pocket right after you gave it to her. She wont have it on her on the lady vengance any more.

      • Anonymous

        Almira will give you a Swornbreaker Schematic in Act 3 if you have her the tablet in Act 2. She's on The Lady Vengeance near Tarquin.

        • Anonymous

          In arx if you gave her the tablet in act 2 there is an option in hall of echoes to politely ask for it back. She'll give it to you. DE

          • Anonymous

            Dropping the tablet or storing it in Lady Vengeance during the chat interaction no longer work, however you can pickpocket it back even in Act 2 now.

            • Anonymous

              You can steal the tablet back, atleast with 4 points in thievery. Give it to her -> she will give you some xp and a ring as a reward -> she will wait for you on Lady Vengeance.

              • Anonymous

                Seems like the last patch allows you to "give" her the swornbreaker tablet without actually losing it. Or perhaps it's just because I read it and got the recipe already already, like someone mentioned earlier.

                • Anonymous

                  Method below for keeping the tablet has been fixed, you cannot drop it while speaking to her, however you can just send it to the lady vengeance and have the same effect, i can't believe that would fix 1 option but not the other lmao

                  • Anonymous

                    If you already have the tablet, the dialog options, refuse to give Almaria the tablet or saying that you gave it to someone else will cause her to attack you.

                    If you don't want to give her the tablet, and don't have her fight you, just choose the top answer, accept her request.

                    • Anonymous

                      HUGE TIP: if you want to keep the tablet but also receive the reward, keep talking until the option prompt for handing it over. Then switch control to another party member and drop it onto the floor. Then continue with the conversation and complete the quest without handing anything over!

                      Works for most other "handover" quests in my experience so far.

                      • Anonymous

                        If you advance to Nameless Isle without giving Almira the tablet, she will still be on the ship and you can give her the tablet then. The quest will be closed upon departing for the isle so you won't receive XP. You still get the ring and she will be grateful. You can then pickpocket the tablet off her to use in the Swornbreaker recipe. If you give ther the tablet for the quest while still in Reaper's Coast you won't be able to pickpocket it back.

                        • Just finished the Quest, recieved the Ring but kept the Tablet. I guess its buggy because you have an item called "Swornbreaker Scematics" in your Bag after your read the Tablet. I would guess if you still own the unread Tablet called "An Ancient Tablet" you would loose it. But atm you can get double Stuff. XP, a really nice Unique Ring with Charm and you can keep the Breaker to advance either yourself as a sworn to the God King or help Wendigo later on. You even can get triple if you take the Swornbreaker you find later in Kemms Vault. Could be tricky if you have the Red Prince though, because his personal Quest requires one later. But as of Oct 14 the quest still gets you double

                          • Anonymous

                            What if you want to forge the Swornbreaker yourself? Once you get the tablet you learn the recipe to craft it. It takes 1x Blade of the Swornbreaker, 1x Haft of the Swornbreaker and 1x Swornbreaker Schematic (the tablet)...

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