Nothing But Child's Play

Location Fort Joy Prison
Suggested Level 3+
Next Quest --
Previous Quest Fort Joy

Nothing But Child's Play is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Rescue or leave Fort Joy with Han.



Important NPCs



  1. Leave Fort Joy with Han
  2. --




If you rescue Delorus from the Magister Houndmaster, he can give you a passcode. Going up to Fort Joy Prison where there is a small dock you will find Magister Carin and Magister Goa smuggling out Han through a boat. You can use the passcode Delorus gave you on the magisters to proceed with the quest without fighting or fight them for XP. Speak with Han and you can leave with him through the boat, you will be moved just outside the fort on the beach on The Hollow Marshes side.



Notes & Tricks

  • Carin and Goa give 800 exp each.
  • This quest will not appear after you have escaped Fort Joy.
  • Mentioning Delorus will cause a fight.

    • Anonymous

      02 Jan 2020 08:07  

      Can't find the boat or the magisters that were guarding it.No clue what caused it to vanish as I have not left fort joy yet. It was either having the collar removed or doing the Gawin side quest.

      • Anonymous

        29 Sep 2017 06:16  

        This quest disappears at some point without you even leaving fort joy, still haven't figured out what causes it to happen.

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